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23 Minute Ultimate Fail Compilation NEW March 2013 HD

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SUBMIT YOUR FAILS VIA PM IF YOU WANT TO BE FEATURED IN FUTURE VIDEOS The very best fails compiled into one video. Extra tags fail compilation may 2012 m… S…



This is not exactly 23 mins this is bullshit?

Mya Bishop says:

at 19:15 the boy faded away?

L0rdLexan01 says:

How was the Polar Bear or Fox thing a fail? That was fricken adorable!?

Cameron Novak says:

Lol 21:20 should whales be out of water?

PabG77 says:

8:13 how was that supposed to end right????

Paresh Bagde says:

Me sabse bada chutiya hu..;?

91Hitman says:

2:10 – KATZO! MAMMA MIA! MADONNA! xD buahaha!?

justarandomyoutuber says:



bobby boucher says:

I appreciate those who risk life limb and expensive equipment to entertain
us. tyvm do not stop wrecking your balls or fracturing various bones in
your body so those of us who view these can get a chuckle.?

Lilly Price says:

21:30 and that is what a beached whale looks like?

Someone Random123 says:

I don’t get this. When men hit their balls, they become pussies, and act
like their balls were cut off. There needs to be a simulated that simulates
the felling of pregnancy LABOR. See if they regret putting their loved-ones
through this pain.?

SuperBoxyBoy says:

zyzz :)?

scott Howell says:

i would be ammused, but i saw half these clips on 2009 episodes of tosh.0?

Victor Reteike Rutgersson says:

Look closely at the dog, 7:31?

Hugo Machado says:

12:16 ZIZZ :)?

Deepak Mohan says:

i lost my faith in humanity?

AVATensui says:

12:23 zyzz brah?

Adam Decker says:

19:13 Did he just bloody disappear? ?

jonathan lavigne says:

why do i watch these…?

Mike Schmitz says:

The Russian roadrage never gets old.?

Akram Morsy says:

23 Minute Ultimate Fail Compilation NEW March 201…:

Captain Carter says:

23 mins not 24.the video was good.?

Exedore says:

like if you looked her ass 7:38?

Vlad Watkins says:

awww cute dog ^.^?

jifroudi says:

aaahahahah wheel chair guy at concert lmfao?

Nomercy Noproblem says:

A few of these people are probably dead

David ?ermák says:

12:23 the best?

Gentleman4u1 says:

People are so fucking stupid?

Ceryus Rap says:

19:10 So I guess he died and became a ghost.?

Chayla Wheeler says:


SoLoGuYify says:

21:29 And here is some amazing footage of a stranded whale.?

HAZERCAST freedome says:

I don’t find these funny just pain ;-;?


16:31 But you didn’t have to cut me off…?

eVil KiNg says:

24;04 his lungs thought…!!! lmao ahahahaahahah?

Porch Fyre says:

Motorcycles, skiing, skateboarding, bicycles, soccer and people trying to
do back flips = boring ass fails.?

Sora Kuroda says:

If someone cut me off and stopped purposely on the highway and tried to
pick a fight with me or try to bang up my car by hand, I would do exactly
what the guy at 24:15 did. No one hurts my baby >:(?

Ben Poirier says:

18:47 to 19:03 Justin Bieber Style !?

Andrew Mills says:

19:14 kid turns into a ghost!?

Marco túlio says:

21:16 – Somebody PLEASE HELP THAT WHALE!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG SHES
STUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP THE WHALE!!!!!!! WHERE THE FUCK IS THE
ANIMAL CONTROL??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Andrew Silva says:

2:30, now I know why they call those vehicles RAZORS, cause whoever was
driving that one that flipped, had a very close SHAVE and really hope that
they didnt get hurt……..?

IhateG ooglePlus says:

at 12:50 with the ceiling fan why would you stick your head in the fan like
that?!!? ?

Rebecca Cares says:

I like watching idiots doing stupid things damage their testicles because
they won`t reproduce anymore. I did feel sorry for the lady with her
little kid in the wind though.?

Hopper Tron says:

This video is soooo misleading! This video is 25 mins long not 23.


Kayleigh G says:

to the ones saying getting kicked in the balls hurts more than labour.. I
hope you all get kicked in the balls :’)?

Nico Petersen says:

4:08 and thats how you get into your car?

chewenne dixon says:


Swagmuffins63 says:

12:50 who tries that!?

Abner Fonseca says:

Some people In that vid looked like they died?

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