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SergeantTJ says:

was that a dog at 26:19?

Gray Fox says:

3:13 This happens to me every time I try to jump over something when the
cops are chasing me in Grand Theft Auto 5.?

kongregate100 says:

Video is actually only 51 minutes. Around there it just replays everything
from the beggining ?

Becky Bridge says:

so funny how people hurt them selfs for fame on youtube?

UnlinkedEnergy says:

O_o that person at 0:31 looked at an alien and I laffed so hard wen he
failed xD?

Edwin girald says:

1:24 ouch that gotta hurt!?

Khoi Nguyen says:

5:26 ouch?

Lee Tuddenham says:

Also at 9:28 should have just been left to roll and roll…talk about
absolute ringpiece?

Evan Theodore says:

Dude at 5:26 is fucked, damn that looked bad.?

Max Fuller says:


slingshotmcoy says:

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you: Natural Selection.?

Ronald Spier says:

Real friends laugh at you but also help you…if they only help you they
are just people you know…if they only laugh they are just bullies?

Tobias Bocksteger says:

5:25 thats not funny!!!?

LancelotGM says:

07:35 honor from de brazil uheuehueh brbrbr?

Ben Lucas says:

At 5:26 i think he died ….?

Andreas Moum says:

nice videos, how many did you steal?

jeune s says:

1:11 truck’s a little glitchy guys, sorry.?

Henkka Ikavalk says:

WTF 24:52 !!?

amelie56432 says:

14:57 omg!!!! Hahahah!?

Rachel Taylor says:

fail army’s better?

MartyTheGamer says:

41:50 And that is why you never hook a car up by the bumper.?

Nucklehead2020 says:

did anyone else notice how it transition into the next clip at 48:36?

Ryan Laybutt says:

7:22 dat grind tho?

Roger Brink says:

They are so fucking stoopid they hurt them self on camera?

crystallakedood says:

a pretty good chunk of these are not from 2012…. still funny regardless

TheAnonymousSandwich says:

us as a species are soo stupid considering they don’t think these through..?

C Elliot Gonzo says:

Dumb ass 19:46?

Lill Henke says:

At 48:27 That’s what you get for saying Yolo.?

Carlos Jõesaar says:

7:34 xD?

ETonCrack says:

35:00 “It’s funny!”?

Kyle Katz says:

Faith in humanity lost haha?

DXyasforg JUST awsome says:

Umm pinkie pie i dont think getting hurt and being laughed at is hard works
its called mistaken to be in video or accediental hurt?

nicoole marambio says:

fuck in 5:23 min?

Comrade Pinkie Pie says:

Taking credit for other people’s work? Anyone could see you clearly just
grabbed these videos from TwisterNederland, edited them together and just
re uploaded it. Why not try to actually make something yourself for a
change rather than take advantage of other people’s hard work? ?

Harman singh says:


Lukas Doeblitz says:


Sean Mill says:

Like for 7:00 hahahhahahahahahahhahahahaha?

Tyson Jackson says:

this one did really get me at some points and some of it was just funny as
fuck! good vid?

richie adam says:

00.02.00! Fucking doublekill!?

tomasGT5prologue says:

27:15 best :D?

Chris Mühlenbruch says:

best fails?

Spencer Chaplin says:


Lee Tuddenham says:

So what I can gather from this is that the world is full of retards?

Ronald Spier says:

05:24 isnt even a fail…just a horrible accident?

amelie56432 says:

5:06. Did that man do a hole in the wall??

zachary wolfpack says:

26:16 a great reason why women don’t need guns ?

Daniel Velev says:


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