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Best News Bloopers March 2014

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Funny news bloopers that hit the internet in March 2014. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! BEST NEWS BLOOPERS 2013 http://youtu.be/7OihpIHUYYU BEST NEWS BLOOPERS 2012 http:/…


NewsBeFunny says:

Best News Bloopers March 2014. Please watch and share. Thanks!?

crystal jackson says:

“is this a joke?”
“no this is matthew mcconaughey”

my life.?

rayshon says:

The look on dude’s face at 1:15 when he realizes he messed up leaves me in

Southside Senator says:

Cincinnati has the worst news reporters in the history of broadcasted news?

Alexis Lexi says:

The one 1:27 Gosh made Head Lines everywhere Steve Kelley I remember that
morning when I watched it I could not stop laughing but he kept talking
like lol! (Philly My home town)?

Tracy McGrady says:

this channel is simply GENIUS. ?

Alex Hunt says:

I had an earthquake when the sleeping giant in my pants woke up after
seeing those canons on the MILF at 4:35!!!!!!?

Melissa Fach says:

Crazy hysterical (my home town is pig face video)?

Joseph Grady says:

Wonder what kind of earthquake footage we’ll see next video…?

Gatoray says:

Can’t wait for next month’s compilation. It’s almost April 1st!?

zak haynes says:

The last one was the best and I hope everybody knows what I mean?

Excalibur says:

What’s funny about the Miley Cyrus report??

SonicLamb says:

0:20 is beyond hilarious. I’m getting a cramp.?

Juze Villanueva says:

Yay! My KTLA even made it to the tonight show =D so proud of my local news
they always do a good job?

TheJonesChannel11 says:

Everybody is so scared of an earthquake. I mean, I can understand it being
in a building and all, but when you’re out side it’s pretty cool.?

Endermender110 says:

EARTHQUAKE!!! *ground shakes*?

TheLeGitTGCraft says:

lol 10th?

Scheurthiaume says:

Matthew McConaughey has a Texas accent but no where near that strong …?

blueberrysyrup says:

I don’t know why I find it so funny that the unicorn girl was also wearing
a tutu. XD?

Nerdy Canadian says:


crystal jackson says:

the guy at 2:59 acted like jesus was coming back… ?

crystal jackson says:

“you can jump me anytime you want… NOT THAT WAY”

yeah say that to a black woman she’ll take up the offer.?

Rebeca Donovan says:

I love the guy who mouths for the other guy. 2:30?


nice one..?

StrwbryMuffin says:

That last clip was funny!?

Karli C says:


BCIT StoryToGo says:

Here’s some hilarious news bloopers as an early week boost for you!?

Elaine Lotcpeich says:

Great video! LOL! So glad I subscribed! ?

Roman Mejia says:

All the earthquake ones were local for me. I was laughing my ass off?

Tyler D. says:

Proud to say that Local 12 is my news station ;lol?

OddManOut44 says:

Fun fact: newscaster Cynthia at 7:07 is the same one who said the
hiker/climber blooper (“but..he’s gay…I mean blind”).?

Thomas Do says:


David K says:


Kyle Greer says:

Didn’t know Miley Cyrus “trademarked” twerking….lol?

eden saatchi says:


IAmNotAFunguy says:

0:43 I have a friend named Heather Holmes.?

girlsrock236 says:

HA HE FELL 2:07?

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