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HUGE Ultimate Fails Compilation 2014 (So Far) || BMR Media

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HUGE Ultimate Fails Compilation 2014 (So Far) || BMR Media Rate, Subscribe and Share!!! More Keywords: epic win lol hilarious prank hidden camera gags fail c…


joe banana says:

I need a wrench to disconnect the battery. Guess what? once the engines
running the battery is irrelevant.?

david zeus says:

8.00 is hilarious?

Neku Hanagumi says:

The DDR vid…How is THAT a fail? He got almost a perfect score. I saw the
whole vid of it once. He did outstandin’.e.O

Other than that, most were pretty funny.?

Dries Frederickx says:

Hey ryan
Hey Billy

david zeus says:

ski and snowboard fails are always boring?

Gerarld Cherry says:

Lol @15:53.?

shaun vella says:

2:31 ; white smoke…new pope elected?

Jacky Jackson says:


GoAwayEmoCunt says:

Future me look at 14:40ish?

Deividas Bertulis says:

1:58 is from 2009 …?

daniel mazuera says:

At 9:58 , only a cracker white family would be roller skating together in
2014 lol silly Europeans?

Kholdie says:

2:15… I just died. The sequence of injury is hilarious.?

Berto Mavrich says:

Suck my dick till it’s raw?

SuperiorKnightZ says:

Very nice vid?

Berto Mavrich says:

Birmingham glycol?

Berto Mavrich says:


Garett Phalen says:

16:45 Wtf was that? In India the humans are the least of your worries,
those roaming gangs of cows are killer… maybe if you sat in front of a
few and chowed down on 20oz steak they would figure out the pecking order
instead of worshiping these ozone depleting gas bags?

jack smith says:

16:33 I thought i was too jaded to laugh @ fails, HILARIOUS?

Tia nutation says:

hahaha i knew there was a sun roof at 0:31 the ice was on top and he open
the roof and smashed to ice. you cant fool me?

MatsieMan PvP says:


Garett Phalen says:

Really like we need another video of another Asian playing dance dance the
arcade version? none of em can dance but they can sure hit a small area as
it lights up.. Also it`s pre 2010 the video as in its not new im guessing
it`s same ole same ole a bunch of videos 04-10 and this guy calls it all
new =/?

Forbidaxe says:

8:36 Are they sniffing glue cans. Phucking wasters.?

123MIURA says:

13:27 lmao?

Jason Jordan says:

240 thats seafoam, its suposed to do that.?

Forbidaxe says:

Wheheyheeeey worst best man ever.?

jorge jesus says:

7:00 portugueses em aƧao xD?

Simone Mayr says:


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