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Mardi Versteegh says:

nailed it…..?

Carson dickey says:

We should flag this for copy right?

Elizabeth Hedgehog says:

Not funny!!???????? I didnt laugh in any part of the video.???????????? it is so

Katkam99 says:

A things first, I did not laugh once. Second, you did not credit the
original creators of these videos. The “Internet” guy with the computer was
wrongly copy written from asdf movies. ?

Julia Potato says:

Bro fist? >’w’< also, whats that clip 4 rarity called??

zombiekiller40 says:

was this… supposed to be funny??

Popular8100 says:

I lost it at the Yelling cat?

Max Davidovi? says:

this is shit didnt even grin?

Nathan Goranson says:

All this mostly about was cats I HATE CATS?

EvilSecretAgentSage says:

I did not laugh. It’s easy to me.?

Etho Evans says:

Haha! I love looking at the hate comments they crack me up XD

kelvin lim says:

I believe this is for kids below 10 /:?

Cole Lives says:

did it?

Julian Barton says:

Cool ?

Indabell Cuello says:

i almost laght but nailed it?

Anton Ramsing Vestergaard says:

lol it’s very easy?

david tran says:

That baby was it the Devil??

gabbybechen says:

That cats like GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!?

melody leung says:


River Meeks says:

i almost failed?

dries van hoorde says:

Try to laugh!?

Aarne Koskinen says:

Waste off 2 minutes and 12 seconds?

Nicole Erickson says:

That, unlike many other ones i’ve seen, actually WAS FUNNY?

Mach says:

Nyan cat… one of the most annoying thind on all the internet…?

charlotte dean-brown says:

Not funny and I was sleeping through that

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