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Try Not to laugh!!!!!

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sauyeh dar says:

sorry not funny?

ente3000 says:

I must laugh at first second XD?

sailelba0 says:

Sorry to say this but this isnt funny at all?

Dustin Cook says:

what song is this called??

nani wilson says:

? :( srry just not funny?

mie gusta says:


Cesar Hernandez says:

The second to last almost made me laugh but no i didnt?

vaulthunterxx says:

laughed strait away?

Daniel Kelley says:

Not funny but good try?

Christopher Snyder says:

First one funny but all of the other one not funny?

Frederick Scott says:

Nae nae?

Madison Lakso says:

Ok that. Was sooooooooooo dumb?

Gabriel Couso says:

I laughed I laugh easily ?

Cf Presley says:

Lol lol lol that was soo funny?

Amissa Wells says:


David Madrigal says:

Didn’t laugh at all ?

Angela Lawson says:

Sorry but not funny?

Glenda Lawton says:

yea thats true sailelba0?

Alex Dixion says:

How could I laugh it was so bad not funny?

Julea B says:

retarded horse song?

Candice Kirkwood says:

I did not laugh or smile or grin at all! Sorry just not funny?

Dante Gonzalez says:

Haha not hilarious?

lazmutsilla says:

Watch it on a desktop in your room its not funny
Watch it on the sofa with your friends and its soooo funny :D?

Cayden Elliott says:



Nathanael Reyes says:

This is not funny at all

andrew pautz says:

really? i dident laugh one bit but what did come out was “SIGH”?

Areilly Vazquez says:

This was boring as heck so don’t try to be funny ever again ok cuz your not
lol ?

Dakota Corbitt says:

Epic fail?

marleyandriley dupre says:

this is not funny?

Dustin Guhn says:

I hate I was bored the whole time?

Emi Wisniski says:

I did not laugh -_-?

Hunter Willmart says:

Didn’t laugh?

Adrian Urtiz says:

Hahahaha lol :3?

Caitlin P. says:


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