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The Ultimate Try Not To Laugh Test!

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Another one of my ultimate try not to laugh test! Be sure to like, comment and subscribe to my channel also check out my Twitter – https://twitter.com/Luci_f…


Paiton Downey says:

Not funny at all!?

Tawaun Styron says:

i yawned this isnt funny none of them are so get a life dumb azz?

Mad Drill says:

I wouldn’t call this the ultimate try not to laugh test.?

Zachary Gorgin says:

I yawned?

Adarsh Shah says:

Dare you. I started laughing when it came to the picture with the mum and
the baby!?

Kaylee Motaman says:

Lol the gate…?

gummyguy123456 says:


hjklOFFICIAL says:

the only funy part was the n1st pic

Ben Elderkin says:

Yes I agree I’m blond and I’m not that dumb so you can stick it up your asss

hippiethatsisme sodealwithit says:

okay i am getting mad everyone says blondes are dumb it’s not true my
sister is blond and she graduated with distinguished honors so yeah it’s
just mean!

Usher Savane says:

HOW IS 1:18 2:26 AND 0:32 FUNNY

team511blubb says:

bully! That’s really mean!!!! I HATE U

zeb ross says:


pankacke1million2 says:

that was terrible and offensive to blondes cause i have friends that are
blonde and their not right idiots like u seem to be for puttin that on ut

Aatu Pentti says:

okay, rules shall be if you laugh you win. I losed.

kirigaya kazuto says:

I have blonde friends, and I totally agree with you. She has like a 98%

GTAfanracemaniac says:

i dont get it

xnicoleluvsux says:

No offence but that was rubish and I laugh alot for no reason and I didnt
even smile at 1 bit of that..

caleb fussell says:

bloody internet so slow

millie bonnici says:

no laughs

courtney mculley says:

not that funny but its funny lol

MsAnnoyingorangelove says:

1:16 , Dingle Berry :)

Jason Perez says:

HOW THE F*CK IS 0:11 FUNNY????????

Helloboy311 says:

Tali tubby

ChloeMaria16666 says:

So hard, me and my best friend looked at tali tubby and she said, thats you
erin! it was so funny

glamisfreak12 says:

No laugh out of me

curly bong says:

Yeah me too the truth is BLONDES JUST HAVE FUN and people r just jealous of
us skyherobrineguy2231

Haemoglobin Parker says:

my favourites are 0:20 1:05 1:30 1:45 1:55 2:15 2:20 3:00(<—–FAVOURITE! one) 3:25 LAWL!

CoolSnipingBro says:

your a homosexual

Zara Zusuf says:

I cracked up ” Tali-Tubby “

Olivia Gasior says:

i laughed when it said ‘insanity test don’t you laugh at it’

Yez xSTaRzX says:



I had a serious/bored face through out the whole video

assclown345ify says:

That was just awful

ali119944 says:

That is not funny.None of them were.

linsey karstens says:

its stupid

Wouter Stander says:

This was not funny, did anyone notice that this guy is laughing at himself?
(Check the Uploader Comments section above)

natercakes123 says:

OMG dingle berry

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